Coffee has been my passion since I was a child. My mind goes back to my childhood and the aroma of my grandmother's homemade coffee. Once I grow up and start traveling, a whole world of coffee opens up before me.

Many aromas, origins and flavors and the possibility of different extraction methods lead me to study the matter in depth but, in the end, one method in particular makes me fall in love: ESPRESSO and Italian coffee culture.

Back in my country I unfortunately realize that it was extremely difficult to find a real quality coffee so I start traveling again through Italy to find the best coffee and bring it to my country.

After a lot of research I found an old Italian coffee roaster named Giovanni who teaches me everything he knows about coffee and together we start selecting the best green coffees from the best plantation, how they combine in the blend to get the best possible flavor and roast the first Blend of my new project: ITALIAN ARTISAN COFFEE.

Since that day many customers have joined us on our adventure, serving high quality Italian coffee every day in Romania and throughout Europe.